What could you do with www.courmayeur.com? What could you do with any of
the names in The Courmayeur Travel Network? Read carefully please, there
may be an opportunity for you.

The entire Courmayeur Travel Sub Network is for Sale

The domain that makes the most money in the entire Italian Travel Network
is www.courmayeur.com. Needless to say it is the performer in the
Courmayeur Travel Sub Network. The sum here is divided between ad sales,
Booking.com reservations and Google ads. The incoming number is close to
$35,000. It  could be, must be, much higher. Just as a matter of interest
there is a possibility that should you buy one of the lesser valued
Courmayeur domains there is too an opportunity for you to be linked to

Lets liken www.Courmayeur.com sub network to a real estate site on land
where everybody who wants to visit the resort will come. Most of the
domains are real estate property with shacks on them or otherwise,
absolutely nothing. It is entirely up to new owners what can be done with
them. But make no mistake; as Courmayeur.com is perfectly targeted, so are
the others in the sub-network.

There are 9 domains in the Courmayeur Travel sub network of The
Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN). The list even includes one which is
purposely misspelled as many visitors, especially first time folks looking
for a holiday, do not know how to spell Courmayeur.

The names and asking price are below.

courmayeur.com $ 125,000 yskicm.com $ 10,000
courmayeuraccommodation.com $   50,000 incmyr.com $ 10,000
bestpricecourmayeur.com $   50,000 ccmyr.com $ 10,000
travelcourmayeur.com $   40,000 coremayeur.com $ 1,000
montblanctv.com $   10,000    

The website www.bestpricecourmayeur.com drives a lot of the traffic to
Courmayeur.com. The asking is reasonably priced and here the real estate
comparison truly comes into its own. It is worthy of note that the domain
is also headlined by the Booking.com engine and the three Courmayeur
advertisers. It might be noted here that the advertisers pay no

Travel is to Courmayeur what the domain www.travelcourmayeur.com is to the
Internet. Could you imagine any website besides Courmayeur.com having a
better targeted audience? Courmayeur is interested in travel clients,
mostly for the winter of course but some hotels operate the year 'round.
What a way to open up more hotels for a longer time in summer,
Courmayeur's off season. At the moment all the use for this targeted
domain is to drive traffic towards Courmayeur's main site, Courmayeur.com.
What a golden opportunity.

What about television-is this represented? Yes is the answer and it is on
both sides of Mont Blanc the Italian and the French. At writing this site
too leads directly to Courmayeur.com. However there are plans afoot to
make it a stand alone domain.

The website www.courmayeuraccommodation.com deals with exactly that,
Courmayeur accommodation of all kinds and every type. The Aosta village of
Courmayeur and surrounds offers plenty of options. Although being
perfectly targeted as well, the domain currently leads directly to
www.courmayeur.com. What could you do with it? Are you selling
accommodation in Courmayeur? Perhaps you should have this domain.
Look at the asking price and make an offer now.

The three short and sweet Courmayeur domain names, www.yskicm,com,
www.incmyr.com and ccmyr.com are all priced equally and I think reasonable
at $10.000. What could you do with them? The domain yskicm saw the light
of day as a sort of a social center for skiers, incmyr was born to shorten
the domain incoming Courmayeur, and ccmyr is made to let people see all of
Courmayeur and of course to be short. But they all have potential, all
three are targeted at the Mont Blanc resort of Courmayeur.

The visitor figures are decent on Courmayeur.com, considering that there
is only one summer month when most hotels are open. The monthly figures are around 10,000 visitors and they look at an average of 4.09 pages each making the figures around 40,000 per month.

The leading countries for Courmayeur.com are Great Britian, The United
States and Sweden, with the secondary countries being Germany and
Switzerland. It is also worthy of note that here too Russia makes a strong

Most visitors from outside sites came from www.skiitaly.com, with
www.bestpricecourmayeur.com showing second. We are surprised that
www.skicentral/italy ranked third.

The search terms used were Courmayeur, Courmayeur Ski,Courmayeur Italy,
and Coremayeur. In all but one of these terms the site www.courmayeur.com
ranked first. On Courmayeur ski it ranked 4th.

Should you like to make an offer or ask further questions please contact me,
Bill Fogarty, at bill@activelifesty;le.com.